If You Don’t Love Juggling, You Won’t Succeed In Life

Juggling is the best way to find the full and complete life success that we all desire.

4 min readMay 22, 2023

Success in the business world means money, fame, and accolades.

But success for everyday people like you and me, means so much more.

Sure I want the money, but I also want to spend it with my soulmate.

Sure you may want fame, but you probably want close moments with family.

Sure most people want accolades, but they also want to be relatable with friends.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Of course there’s still fitness goals, career goals, and more.

When you really think about it, success is an ever-changing, multi-faceted, destination.

And the truth is, if you don’t love juggling, you just won’t succeed in life.

At least not to the fullest.

Here’s why…

When it comes to life, there are so many different areas to master, that there’s no way to do them all.

It’s like Pokémon, except you’ll never be able to catch them all.

The main life categories are as follow: Work, Love, Family, Fitness, and Friends

That’s five different areas that without constant effort and attention, will lead to a lackluster life.

And realistically speaking, humans are horrible at multi-tasking.

So we choose one area and we go all in on it.

For me that is work.

And for you, you know what that is.

If you get to the end of your journey, with just one of the 5 infinity stones, you will feel like so much is missing.

Take me for example.

If I create a billion dollar business, I change the world for the better, and my face is plastered on the cover of Forbes magazine, that would be awesome.

But if I look around and there’s no family to support with my billions, or lover to cuddle with at night, I will be devastated.

Or even worse, I’m deafly sick because I didn’t manage my health.

I’m not a fortune teller that knows everyone’s situation, but look at the amazing tech entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs that died way too soon.

Could that have been avoided if he spent just a little more effort in the health/fitness department?


What I do know is that if you are all in on one goal, one dream, one area, you may win the battle but you will lose the war.

Life is a balancing act, and there’s no better way to master it than learning to love the art of juggling.

All good jugglers know you must start small before you can go big.

So choose 3 areas you want to focus on.

Maybe Family, Work, and Fitness.

Then learn to keep those areas afloat.

Learn to choose family or over fitness sometimes.

Learn to choose a healthy meal even though the family is pigging out at dinner.

Learn to workout early and not let it cut into the work you need to complete.

Then what the best jugglers do is add one new ball or object in at a time.

If they threw all 5 balls in the air at once, they’d probably drop them all.

But when they carefully add in one more, they can keep their momentum going.

You should approach your areas of life in the same way.

If you can confidently say, you’re killing it in your career, then maybe it’s time to start dating again.

If you’re the most family oriented person ever, maybe it’s time to use that energy to build stronger bonds with your friends.

If life feels too easy, add an area.

If it feels like pure chaos, it’s time to drop an area.

And you know what else the best jugglers in the world do, they get someone to help.

They have a partner, a spectator, or a stranger toss their new ball in the mix for them.

And that’s because it’s easier for someone else to get the ball at the right height they need without messing up the jugglers focus.

For me and you, that looks like leaning on others who are better than us.

If and because I suck at family stuff, I’ll ask my sister to help me get more involved with the family.

I could easily try to do it on my own, but why risk falling flat on my face when all I need is a good push start.

There’s people all around you that have mastered the areas of life that you suck at.

And many of them would love to give you the toss you need to get your juggle going.

So if you truly want to unlock all that life has to offer, look no further.

Juggling is the best way to find the full and complete life success that we all desire.

With it, you can master all the areas of your life.

And you really can have it all.

All it takes is a little prioritization, practice, and hand-eye-mind coordination…

In progress,

Tim Lightwork

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