🚧 90 sends later, a handful of tactics for hard-hitting emails

These have all helped me get better and feel more confident in the emails I send.

3 min readJun 5, 2023

Emails are a great way to communicate with pretty much anyone.

I mean there’s no reason every company does everything in their power to get our emails these days.

And it’s for the simple reason of it being very accessible.

Does your grandma have a TikTok? (if yes, I’m intrigued. Please tag me in her //last post lol.)

But I bet your grandma and all her best friends have emails.

And guess what, you do too.

Or there’s no chance you’d be reading this right now.

So the case is closed.

No matter what new social app, or website becomes popping, email will be king for centuries to come.

And if you want to be a high level communicator, you should know how to communicate through email well.

So here’s a handful of tactics for hard-hitting emails, 90 sends later.

Stand out or be boring, but never in between.

The point here is simple.

When you hit someones inbox you either want to come across as one of two things.

A super important opportunity they need to read right now or they’ll regret for the rest of their life.

Or a quick personal message from a friend that they’re glad to hear from.

If you’re anywhere inbetween, then you’re just noise.

Because the truth is, we check our emails for important notifications or to keep in touch with their personal network.

Choose a side.

Use an emoji, at the beginning.

The emoji can be a very powerful tool when used in the right way.

Notice I said, “the emoji” and use “an emoji”.

That’s because most people will spam emoji’s all over the place thinking that’ll make their message perform better.

Boy are you wrong.

Trust me when I say, there is such thing as bad attention.

I started adding one single emoji to each email subject and it’s been helping open rates.

That’s all that was needed.

The more emoji’s I add the more overkill and annoying I seem.

And that will only work if you’re emailing a 9 year old obsessed with tiktok.

Be repeatable, be repeatable, be repeatable.

The worst thing you can do when it comes to sending emails is not create comfort.

And people build comfort from the things they learn to understand and can predict.

So that means you need to create patterns that your audience understands.

Don’t go from sending an email midday at lunch to 3am in the morning.

It will make people think someone kidnapped you and they have to pay your ransom money.

Some ways I’ve been trying to be predictable with my emails are, using the same emoji at the beginning of each subject, sending at the same time each day, and signing off with the same signature every time.

That feels comfortable.

Those are three of many different tactics I’ve learned from sending many emails.

And these have all helped me get better and feel more confident in the emails I send.

And no matter if you’re sending work emails or your own newsletter, just know a good email is like reading your favorite chapter of a heart warming book.

So try these out and let me know how much better your emails hit!..

In progress,

Tim Lightwork

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