7 Apps That Will Double Your Chances Of Becoming Rich

We’re all attached to our smartphones but aren’t leveraging the smart part.

6 min readMay 24, 2023

Let’s be real.

The easiest ways to becoming rich are:

  1. Selling necessities (Food, water, shelter, etc.)

Or 2. Using the internet

It’s really that simple.

And most of us don’t want to compete with McDonald’s, Coke, or Berkshire Hathaway.

So our best bet is to learn this internet thing.

And the quickest way to make money off this internet thingy is to use apps.

But not building apps, downloading them and using them to our advantage.

We’re all attached to our smartphones but aren’t leveraging the smart part.

The things your phone is capable of doing right out of the box is insane.

Navigation of the entire world, recording professional level video, predicting the weather, making payments and more.

But if you take the time to add the right apps to your device, you can change your phone from a fun time waster to an efficient money machine.

So here’s 10 apps that will double your chances of really becoming rich.


This app is the #1 place to sell used goods. Millions of people are logging into OfferUp to find good deals and things to buy. It’s simpler than Ebay with a lot less competition.

If you throw away perfectly usable clothes, appliances, or books without listing them first, you’re throwing money in the trash. All it takes is snapping 2 quick photos and you can get money rolling in to your account.


This is a notes app. It works just like any other notes app except it’s very searchable, accessible on any device not just your phone, and people can easily collaborate on notes.

Real producers are coming up with good ideas and projects every second. If you rely only on your mind, you will forget 90% of your best ideas. Jot them down and create a notes list. If you need help starting, here’s the 4 lists you NEED in your notes app.


This app is pretty much the dummy’s guide to investing. You can invest in your favorite U.S. stocks, cryptos, and more for FREE. Our grandparents would of killed to have access to this kind of power and opportunity in their times.

Everyone should have an investing app on their phone. It’s easier than ever before and it’s not rocket science. You could literally own a piece of Apple, Tesla, Netflix, or Disney in a few clicks using Robinhood.

Youtube Studio

This app is pretty much the backend of Youtube. It shows everything about your content, your engagement, and revenue you’ve generated. If you’re a creator, it’s empowering to manage your content from the click of a button.

Money in the digital age is permanently attached to attention. You know how to get attention, by creating content. And the creators doing this the best, are serious about their analytics. Think like a producer, not a consumer. The money you can generate might surprise you.

Amazon Seller

This app is the backend app for all sellers on Amazon. You can manage your listings, sales, and product reviews from this app. If you want to rise above the rest on Amazon, this is the best way to dial in your products for maximum sales.

The key to really generating wealth is choosing to be someone that gets paid, not doing the paying. If you have the normal Amazon app, you’re one click away from spending money. If you have the Amazon Sellers app, you’re one click away from getting paid money. The choice is yours.


This app is a dashboard/control room for any merchant using Stripe to collect payments. You can check your sales, disputes, and stats quickly and easily.

The beauty of Stripe is that it literally is one of the easiest ways to collect money on the internet. And it works on apps, websites, and more. If you’re serious about making money online, you should have ways to get money from a strangers account, into your account. And that’s what Stripe does for you.


This app is a one stop shop for creating and managine any ecommerce website. You can manage stock, check sales, traffic, and collect money.

If you want to sell things on the web, you won’t be able to get up and running faster than using Shopify. The name literally has the word “shop” in it. You can sell pretty much anything you want. If you played with this app as much as you do social media, you’d be a millionaire already.


This app is the #1 freelancer marketplace for pretty much any digital, creative, or technical skillset. You can hire freelancers and agencies from 190+ countries to work for you instantly.

If you’re a creator, producer, or builder, you’ll eventually get to the point where you need help. In order to scale operations you’ll need skilled people, and fast. Outsourcing pretty much any task is possible through Upwork. It allows any Joe to build something big, and impactful alone from his bedroom.


This app is the #1 messaging app by users around the globe. With this app you can call, text, or video call anyone in the world through the internet.

If you want to build real wealth and generate real money, you have to go global. 90% of the world is using this app to communicate, if you want to connect, partner, or sell to them, you should be using it too.


This app is the #1 email provider app by users in the world. Let’s cut the crap, you know what the hell Gmail is. And if not, how on Earth are you reading this right now.

While you may get email, most people don’t understand the power of email. There is no single app, program, or site that has more users than email. With nearly 4.6 billion people having an email account, it’s no wonder every company blasts us with promos. If you really want to generate money from your phone, you should be good at checking and sending banger emails. Period.

Those are all the apps that you need to double your chances of being rich.

Some of them help you collect money online, others help you get people’s attention, and others are the key to good financial opportunities.

If you have a phone, and you’ve read this far, you could have all these apps installed by now.

I do.

And I’m seeing every day how powerful they are when used the right way.

Don’t be the person using their phone to play CandyCrush or AngryBirds.

Use these 7 apps, and you’ll turn your smartphone into your personal ATM…

In progress,

Tim Lightwork

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